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Diagnostic Tests

Our focus at Renew Medical is to proactively promote wellness.  Testing is a key part of understanding your health.  Everyone is biochemically different.  What may be a normal lab value for one person, may be abnormal for you.   We can appreciate cases when individuals are told "everything came back normal" despite having several symptoms that make them continue to feel unwell.

The tests we use to analyze what is going on with YOU are vastly different from the typical testing you may have received at a hospital or clinic.  The tests we utilize look above and beyond what chemicals or pathogens you have been exposed to and what allergies or sensitivities you may have.  We will look at the bigger picture of what needs to be improved in your body to maximize your overall wellness.


Our goal is to use comprehensive tests to guide us and help us understand any potential imbalances or deficiencies before they create dysfunction, harm, or disease within your body.


By using advanced diagnostics, we can deliver on our promise to focus on early detection, prevention, education, and provide personalized care to achieve optimal health and well-being. 

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