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Feel better & Get Moving

To achieve maximum performance of your body, we continue to modify factors affecting your health. We utilize advanced tests to understand your risks and employ early intervention to improve your physiological, emotional, cognitive, and physical function.  

We believe it's nonsensical to wait until you are having symptoms of mental decline or wait until you begin having joint pain or back pain or persistent fatigue.  As we age, we know the body changes and vital organs begin to lose some function.   We also understand that mental health is an important factor in achieving happiness and fulfillment.


Building a healthier body is still possible no matter what age you are.  The younger you adopt healthier habits and address your health, the sooner can you reap the benefits of improving the way your body functions and how well you feel every day.    

Under the IMPROVE WELLNESS PROGRAM, together we can:  

1.  Build a personalized lifestyle plan that you can maintain and modify as needed.  

2.  Creatively build custom-meal plans to match your metabolism and fitness goals. 

3.  Monitor biomarkers to assess your heart, lung, and cellular fitness.

4.  Monitor your metabolic efficiency and aerobic health.

5.  Evaluate posture and body mechanics. 

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