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ReNew Medical

Our vision is to empower individuals to understand their health needs and make choices to maximize their physical performance and mental well-being.

Helping you be your very best self

Dr. Doody authentically and enthusiastically cares to help you live your best life.   She is dedicated to helping change the way health is addressed, not only for the ill but for everyone who wants to maintain and improve their physical performance and mental health. She believes in providing you with custom solutions to meet your needs and goals, utilizing a holistic, total-body systems approach.  She will work with you and focus on what truly matters most to you. 

Her passion is to help you remain active and for you to maintain control of your life for as long as possible.  Her 30-year healthcare career has led her to develop a deep set of clinical skills which she can put to work for you. 

Dr. Doody is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a Doctorate from Bastyr University.  She is a Navy Nurse veteran with 15 years serving in emergency departments.  In 2003, she founded and operated a concierge medical practice in Edmonds.

Renew Medical is an outstanding health and wellness resource serving the community of Edmonds, Washington and the greater Seattle area. Under the leadership of Emma Doody, ND, ReNew Medical creates customized treatment plans for each individual, focusing on how best to assist them in their journey toward optimal quality of life. 


Renew Medical offers numerous treatments to help you look and feel your very best. Offerings including intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy and personalized nutrition counseling help you support your body from within. Integrative medicine techniques will reduce inflammation and promote new, healthy tissue growth.


ReNew Medical's holistic approaches combine naturopathic medicinal techniques and protocols with cutting-edge technology including cryotherapy and prolotherapy. Emma Doody, ND's extensive array of experience integrates multiple decades of cutting-edge medical research and even includes treatments like body sculpting and specialized acne care to help you look and feel your very best.

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Dr. Emma Corbilla Doody

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