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We have multiple therapies to mitigate the effect of aging on your skin and in your body.

We work with you to help your cells repair and protect against daily cellular damage from the inside out.   While we can't really prevent normal chronological aging, there definitely are ways we can slow down the degenerative effects of time on the mind and body.

Improving your body from the inside out has both medical and aesthetic benefits.  Looking better goes hand-in-hand with feeling better & being better overall. 



The medical portion addresses how we can modify the expression of your genes (a concept referred to as epigenetics) and minimize premature aging.  We improve the nutritional environment of your cells, reduce conditions of chronic inflammation, and reduce the rate of telomere shortening.

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Image by Christopher Campbell

Body Sculpting:

We provide compressive microvibration therapy, microcurrent therapy and cryotherapy to produce the following synergistic effects on the body: 

~stimulate blood flow and circulation

~improve muscle tone

~remodel fibrous tissue

~promote lymphatic drainage and elimination of wastes and toxins. 

These therapies have the added benefit of improving body contour, skin, muscle tone, and look of your body.

Hair Restoration:

Hair restoration can be accomplished with a combination of PRP injections, hormone balancing therapy as well as promoting proper detoxification of heavy metals or toxins.  Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the scalp can help increase blood supply and stimulate healing to the area.  We balance or replace deficient hormones to slow down the premature aging of hair follicles.

Skin Rejuvenation:

The sun and advancing age cause damage to the skin.  Collagen and elastic tissue become fragile.  Sun and age spots develop over time.  Skin rejuvenation and protection helps treat dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and restore a youthful glow.  The therapies we utilize for your skin depend on what look you want.

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