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Services We Offer

Acne Treatment

If you’re struggling with frequent acne breakouts, naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer. Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington, can help determine the true cause of your acne and guide you toward treatments and lifestyle changes to provide lasting relief. Begin today by calling to book a visit or schedule through the convenient online tool.


If you’re searching for a natural way to reduce pain and improve function, biofeedback is well worth consideration. This innovative therapy, available from Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington, trains you to control certain bodily functions. To learn more, schedule a visit online or by phone at your earliest convenience.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, our bodies naturally start to reduce the amount of hormones like testosterone and estrogen they produce. These hormones are essential in many areas of your body function – such as your brain, heart, bones, reproductive organs, and more. When these hormones are out of balance, people experience different symptoms people associated with just “aging.” You do not have to accept this!

Body Sculpting

Do you have stubborn fatty deposits that refuse to budge no matter how diligently you diet and exercise? If so, body sculpting can help and is among the services available from Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington. When you’re ready to take action and permanently eliminate fat, call or set up a visit today online.


Facials do far more than pamper your skin. They treat issues like acne, dry skin, and the signs of aging. At Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington, Emma Doody, ND, has the expertise to provide a variety of facials and comprehensive skin care treatments. Call the friendly office staff or book your appointment online today.

IV Therapy

Getting sufficient nutrition through food alone is difficult, so many people rely on intravenous (IV) therapy to deliver a powerful nutrient boost. Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington, offers top-quality IV therapy solutions to improve a wide range of health and wellness concerns. To give IV nutrition therapy a try, call or set up your initial visit online.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is an exciting area of health care and offers the chance to heal and renew the body without invasive surgery. Emma Doody, ND, is proud to offer integrative services through her practice at Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington. If you’d like to explore how these innovative treatments can help you look better, feel better, and live your best life, call or schedule a visit online.


NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme found in all living cells and has been called an anti-aging molecule because of its many important roles in promoting health and prolonging lifespan. This powerful molecule has a lot of potential for new therapeutic opportunities. Studies have shown that it can help battle many effects of aging and chronic conditions on the human body and brain. Contact us or book your online appointment today!

Ozone Therapy

Broad Spectrum Ozone Therapy has displayed many benefits, such as: Strengthening respiratory system, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and yeast. It can also stimulate the immune system, improve circulatory health by cleaning arteries and veins, relieve pain, limit stroke damage and even improve brain function and memory. Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, Washington can administer this novel mode of therapy.

Pain Management

If you live with chronic pain, finding relief becomes a top priority. Emma Doody, ND, of Renew Medical in Edmonds, WA offers holistic pain management services that do not involve invasive surgical procedures or pharmaceutical interventions. When ready to take action to improve your daily quality of life, call or set up your initial visit online.

Weight Loss Programs

Welcome to our cutting-edge weight loss program at Renew Medical. Transform your health journey with the latest breakthroughs in medical science. Our program utilizes revolutionary medications like semaglutide and tirzepatide, combined with others and personalized in person support from our doctor. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with our comprehensive weight loss program today!

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