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Packages and Services

Basic wellness

IV drip  Give your body the boost it needs.  * with basic membership

Face and Neck Skin Rejuvenation  | This treatment is a nice combination of self-care with wellness promotion.  Improving circulation and flow of blood and lymph fluids can aid in weight loss, boost immune system, improve elimination of metabolic wastes, decrease pain and reduce generalized bloating.   Other reported changes include improved skin color and glow, decrease acne, decrease appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Body Sculpting & Weight Loss   Get a toned body and stronger core muscles muscles.  Our method is nonsurgical and aimed to safely reduce stubborn fat in targeted areas, decrease cellulite appearance and tone skin.  Results do vary.  Depending on desires, multiple treatments are often recommended.   6 or 12 session packages are available.

Metabolic Testing  Lose weight by understanding your body chemistry.  Take the guesswork out of designing an ideal work-out program that will allow you to lose the weight or gain the muscle you desire.  We can help you understand when your body is using fat as fuel, and when it converts to using carbohydrates.  

Become a Renew Medical Member

$39 monthly to join

Membership benefits

Fit 3 D body scans

Discounts on services

Invitation to VIP events

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